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10-14-2007, 23:51
Alright so check this out.

I was walking around my block right and this guy comes up to me right, and he's like waving his ****ing hands around see, and he's all like, "YO WHO YOU BE" and I'm like "YO, ENGLISH! AMERICA!" Then he's like "WHO YOU BE NIKKA". I finally realized I just ran into some dumbass mother ****er who can't see someone walking around wearing red without thinking he's blood. I was wearing a Red Halo 3 T-Shirt, it has the Grunt emblem symbol thing, It's pretty cool. I bought from the Virgin Megastore a few blocks from my house for $17.99, it was totally worth it. They have this sick belt, the buckle has the symbol for the Legendary difficulty, it's like 21.99 or something, I'm not sure, but I digress. So anyway, this guy continues his ridiculous questioning, which by this point, I've failed to understand what he's saying. All of a sudden, some fat ass guy walks up behind him and asks "Yo You wanna pop off?" He turns to me and says "I got yo back young blood" I'm thinking 'WHAT THE **** IS GOING ON?' The first dude says "You got a problem nikka? I post up where I wanna post up", the fat guy replies "You bettah find yoself somewhere else to post nikka, or we go'n have to throw it down one D." As all of this is happening, I start feeling my brain cells slowly tinker away. The fat guy throws a punch out of nowhere and knocks the other guy on the floor, then he takes out his red bandana and throws some hand signs and stomps his chest in. The cops pull around the corner and fat guy says "Oh ****, Popo, Dipset on 'em". I had no idea what he said so I just walked home. When I got home, I was like 'What the hell just happened'. I thought to myself '**** it', and went to the bathroom and took a nice dump.

10-15-2007, 06:47
ure retarded k?

11-03-2007, 13:01
what the **** ur really retarded...