View Full Version : The Coming Patch 4331 (Pre-download Is Available Now)

12-07-2006, 01:35
We are planning to release Patch 4331 (at the size of 2.11M) after server maintenance on Dec. 11. All the servers will be brought down to perform the update.

Please download patch 4331 manually before the server down time on Dec. 11, save it under your Conquer 2.0 folder; meanwhile, before downloading, there are two points you should also know:

1. DO NOT run Patch 4331 before 17:00 Dec. 11.

If you unfortunately run patch 4331 before that date, you will not be able to log into the server until server maintenance of Dec. 11 is completed. Then the only solution is to reinstall your client and update it to Patch 4330.

2. It will take us much more time than usual to perform the server maintenance on Dec. 11, which may affect your taking part in the Dis City Quest. We regret for the inconveniences brought to you.

Ps: please download this patch from the homepage as sooner as possible,but remind so fardon't run it .THX