View Full Version : Important Notice On Thanksgiving Day Event

11-23-2006, 00:21
During Thankgiving Day, you have an opportunity to get Pumpking's Bags. You can open it to get a random gift: Fat Pumpkin, Spinach, Bean, Shampoo, Love Letter, Roses, Naughty Pumpkin, or just a cake flies out to hit your face. But it can only be opened every 3 minutes.

However, some players are too eager to open the Pumpking's Bag and can not wait for 3 minutes. So they log out and in frequently to open the Pumpking's Bag. As a result, their accounts are locked.

Here, we want to suggest that all the players be patient to wait for 3 minutes until the Pumpking's Bag is available. To those players whose accounts have been locked, you may submit your case at: http://conqueronline.com/support2/account.htm
We will deal with your case as soon as possible. But if you submit your case on November 24 and 25, your case will not be processed until Nov. 26.

Thanks a lot for your understanding and support.

Have a nice Thanksgiving Day! :D :D :D :D