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07-12-2006, 00:55
Currently, we have 6 payment methods to buy Dragon Balls: Paypal (http://us.91.com/tq/purchase/paypal.shtml), Credit Card (https://cc.conqueronline.com/Error.aspx?ErrorID=4), Direct Deposit (http://us.91.com/tq/purchase/directdeposit.shtml), Western Union (http://us.91.com/tq/purchase/westernunion.shtml), Wire Transfer (http://us.91.com/tq/purchase/wiretransfer.shtml) and Money Order (http://us.91.com/tq/purchase/moneyorder.shtml). You can purchase DBs by choosing any one of these methods. We have given the new name for our card: TQ Point Card, please refer to the following information to learn more:

TQ Point Card A, which contains 680 TQ Points, priced 7.99 USD.
TQ Point Card B, which contains 1380 TQ Points, priced 15.99 USD.
Bulk Pack (25 TQ Point Card B), priced 340 USD (15% off), purchased via Western Union, Wire Transfer, Money Order and Direct Deposit Only.

Only for Paypal/Credit Card purchase, you should submit your information at DD/Wire Case page (http://ddwire.support.91.com/) after purchase.

If you have not received your DB codes in the e-mail within 3 business days, please report your issues in the 'TQ Customer Support Center (http://forum.91.com/list.php?id=193&sid=194)' on the related sub forums. You can log into the forum with your game account!

Thanks for your support and understanding!

04-02-2008, 04:37