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11-25-2005, 03:17
Advertise on Conquer Online and make your products/business known to all Conquer Online players worldwide.

As one of the most popular MMORPGs in the world, Conquer Online attracts more than 300 thousand active players worldwide every week. Total registered accounts have exceeded 3 million and the number of peak time con-current players online has exceeded 25000. Furthermore, our community is growing very rapidly every month.

Your ad will be shown under the server names and appear in the form of 4 lines of text with 35 symbols per line. You can link your website to your ad. Each server has two ad positions. Once you sponsor a server, your business name and web address will appear on conquer login interface. That's the best position to promote your business. Every player on the server you chose will see your ad before they log into the game.

The advertising fee is quite cheap in the promotional period. The cost to sponsor one server is just 100 US dollars per month. If you sponsor all the servers in one server group, we will give you a special discount and save you more money. This promotion quote expires on 12/31/2005. For more details please contact: co_adsales@nd.com.cn

Conquer Online accepts sponsorship from any individuals and organizations, but we reserve the right to refuse your ad or remove your ad should we find your ad content illegal, provocative, sexually explicit, or in any other ways inappropriate.

To support a great game and make your business known to all CO players, become a Conquer Online sponsor today.