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  1. [Confirmed]: Composing Bug
  2. "[System] Bad connection. Log-off automatically."
  3. [Confirmed]: Spear durability bug.
  4. [Confirmed]: Weapon Skills Going Off Incorrectly (FastBlade/ScentSword/etc.)
  5. HP bar on BloodyKing
  6. [Confirmed]: Several Char Jumps Screwed On Fresh CO2 Install
  7. Transforming back to normal from a Disguise ~ Hp bug.
  8. Skypass Quest Bugged
  9. [Known/Repeat Issue]: Mobs Taking Less Than Normal Damage
  10. Reborning weapons less than level 15 become level 15 afterwards
  11. [Confirmed]: Gender LoveForever Rings Lose Dura Each Repair
  12. [Confirmed]: Monster HP Bars Drop Faster Than Normal For Archer
  13. [GM Acknowledged]: Water Crystal Shadows With No Crystal
  14. [Confirmed] 125 stake lag spikes
  15. Market vending bug
  16. [Confirmed] Stacking under ghosts
  17. [GM Acknowledged]: Armour.ini Error Exploit Has Returned
  18. Arrows
  19. [Confirmed Bug] Mining a Gold Ore may register as Silver Ore in the system message.
  20. [Confirmed] Dances
  21. [Confirmed/Repeat Issue] Mobs HP bugged with direct hit by archer.
  22. [Confirmed bug] Using potions cause graphics to go off twice
  23. [Confirmed] Dropping items during mid-air jump triggers bot jail
  24. [Confirmed] When viewing other player, 120-124 bow has wrong display icon
  25. [Confirmed bug] Equipped arrow does not add attack correctly
  26. [Confirmed] No sound for bow attacks while flying
  27. Hairstyle
  28. [Confirmed Bug] Summons May Cause Disconnections
  29. [Confirmed] Opening moonboxes in inventory while shop is opened removes from shop
  30. [Confirmed] Certain weapon skills do not hit town guards.
  31. Kill Counter triggered while enchanting Equip...
  32. BIG HP Bar for BloodyKing
  33. Red names sent to jail after being black name and not restarting client
  34. Stacking causes lucky time to carry over when 2nd reborn leaves.
  35. Typo in red-named message
  36. [Confirmed] Flying Archer and Jumping Players Hitbox Issues
  37. [Confirmed] XP skill bug - grayed out buttons still remain after disconnections
  38. [Confirmed] Weapon Proficiencies Bugged Since 4331 - Different Problems Merged Here
  39. Female Love Forever Rings
  40. [Confirmed] Bow errors
  41. [Confirmed] Guild War Gates / flying archer problems
  42. [Confirmed] XP Skill bat summon bug - cannot be revived or revive when bat is killed
  43. [Confirmed] Cannot buy swords from Blacksmith in Desert
  44. KO board issues.
  45. [Confirmed] When DC'ing as team captain, you still have star above head when login.
  46. Weapons Flipping
  47. Small bug when trading.
  48. [Confirmed] Lucky Time Continues on Non-2nd RB chars after 2nd RB leaves.
  49. Archer Fighting and using a Bow
  50. [Confirmed] Scepter skill (Celestial) does not poison as listed on site.
  51. [Confirmed] NPCs charge incorrect repair prices.
  52. [Confirmed] Incorrect Garment Name.
  53. +8 warrior armor glitch/bug??
  54. [Confirmed] All female characters with shield and weapon jump faster than normal.
  55. [Confirmed] Archers can "box" while flying
  56. [Repeat Issue] Speedgun does not hit Guild Gates.
  57. [Confirmed] Some weapons show as the wrong item when picked up.
  58. Tortoise gems don't have the sparkly background thing :o
  59. items being equipped without knowing it.
  60. NPC Ethereal does not have the upgrade blessed attributes for Garment & Gourd
  61. Girl Warrior Jumping Bug
  62. Server Time
  63. super tourtoise and blessed items.
  64. Guard attacking again after revive
  65. glaive and ProficiencyGod
  66. [Confirmed]Superman Decreases EXP per kill
  67. rev here doesnt work on all maps
  68. guard bug
  69. How to not get dc'd in dis city
  70. Greatwall Server Time
  71. Wrong Graphics for XP gained in Mentor System
  72. [Confirmed] Glitched spot (invalid coords) in BI on Dark server
  73. [Confirmed] Fix The Guildmember Lists !!!!
  74. 'garment with black armor' bug
  75. merchant/vending bug
  76. [BEING CHECKED] patch 5038 + 5039 possibly infected with a trojan
  77. No nobility rank for donating 3mil? HELP
  78. Male Nobility Kings.. Are queens?
  79. Another quest bug
  80. Lab 4 bug
  81. Viewing others' equipments in TG
  82. Tort Gem bug
  83. Warrior Exp Count Bug
  84. Profession PK Tournament
  85. Red/Blackname Status does not show on login
  86. DICE King
  87. Monster hunter quest has a little bug.
  88. Mystic Ring bug
  89. TG is broken
  90. Ninja npc for Ancient Devil is Gone