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Forum Rules (2009-01-19)

Hello and Welcome to The Conquer Online Forums. All players of Conquer Online are welcomed to socialize with each other to post about in game events, future patches and features released by TQ and other matters relative to the Conquer Online game.The Conquer Online Forums are meant for only discussions about the Conquer Online game except for the Off-Topic section. Other TQ games are also accepted however keep in mind that those games have their own individual forum. All other game threads which are not TQ supported shall be moved to off topic for chat purposes only. No links to other games are permitted, even if in Off-Topic section. It is considered advertising and determent to this forum's purposes of being for ConquerOnline. The General Rules for the Entire Forum/Subforum
  • Harassment and/or cyber bullying will not be tolerated. When flaming/harassment turns into stalking, it becomes a crime in violation of the law. As such all measure will be taken to enforce the cessation of all such behaviors.
  • There is a no tolerance policy for any kind of racism or prejudice. This includes, but it is not limited to, race, religion, gender and sexual orientation. All such posts will be removed without notice, and are subject to infraction or possible immediate banning of forum accounts. Realize that the forum is like the game, International and accepts posters worldwide from various races. While we grant all posters freedom to express their opinions freely, basic respect for each other is expected
  • Post threads in the most relevant section for your topic. The Conquer Online Forums consists of different sections for organization of information such as tips and hints, new player information, suggestions, reporting cheats etc. Please post in the most appropriate section. Take note of the section specific rules posted by the Admins/Super/Moderators.
  • Respect other chitchat's communities. You are allowed to post in any server's chit-chat, as long as you are respectful of the members of that server. Going in solely to spam, flame and/or bump old threads for post count, or to try to start "spam wars" between servers is not allowed. Doing this will result in a temporary ban. Further infractions will result in a permanent ban.
  • Having a Moderator on "Ignore" is not allowed. You will be asked to remove them from your ignore list if they were added before their modship. If they are not removed, a warning will be given and your account may be banned after 3 warnings.
  • Posting of "real life" pictures of others requires consent. Posting of "real life" pictures of other people without his/her general consent or the authorization of that specific person is not acceptable and any material regarding that individual will be deleted/removed for the strict protection of that individual. Please request permission from that individual to post a picture. If you do NOT obtain permission and post without consent, you run the risk of having your Forum Account banned. For those pictures that contain a group of people, it may be allowed. Anyone who formally sends a complaint and a request for their picture to be removed may send a PM to any Moderator.
  • Posting "real life" pictures of yourself is permitted and encouraged in the real life photo threads on each server. However, this is a 13+ game forum, and as such pictures of a suggestive nature, containing nudity, anything of a graphic disturbing nature, or pictures containing drug use and/or paraphernalia will be removed or deleted without notice or explanation.
  • Posting of another posters "real life" private information will result in an immediate ban of your account. This information includes but not limited to: emails, home address, telephone contacts, character account info or passwords. Please respect the privacy of other posters and players.
  • Re-Editing a Mod's edit is not allowed. There is a specific reason why your post, signature or avatar was edited, and ignoring that Moderator’s warnings will result in a ban. (See Warnings)
  • Do not impersonate Admins/Super/Moderators. You are allowed to have a "Custom Title" on the Conquer Online forums. You are not allowed to put anything in there saying you are a TQ Staff member or Moderator. This includes bypassing the filter in place (ie. Mod, Moclerator, Adm!n, TQ Adm!n etc.) or any other combination that could be mistaken for Moderator. This is blatantly misleading people, and can result in your account being banned. You have been warned.
  • All other trading or transfers, including, but not limited to, trading of Account ID, Account Names, and all out-of-game transfers, are strictly prohibited as stated within TQ's Term of Service. Any forms of trading an account will lead to the immediate ban of the account without warning. Trading of game items or in game money between Players on the same server is permitted. ANY AND ALL PROHIBITED CONDUCT MAY RESULT IN IMMEDIATE TERMINATION OF THE ACCOUNTS INVOLVED IN SUCH TRADING.
  • Items for Real-Life Money, DB codes, or similar on another server (inter-server trades of accounts) is not allowed. Failing to comply with this rule will result in your account being banned. Selling Accounts, by any means, will result in your account being banned. It should be noted that account trading and purchasing will be taken seriously and any mentions in signature, post, threads, location and other public means of a desire to purchase or sell an account if/when brought to the attention of a Moderator, will result in an immediate banning of your account.
  • No promoting hack/cheat/private server sites on the forum.
  • Do not inquire about bug exploits, hacks, cheats, and/or bots. Posting links and/or screenshots will result in an immediate ban of your account and possible in-game actions may be taken. Posting of modified clients (file editing) or asking what steps need to be taken to modify something in your Client is not allowed unless brought up in a discussion thread by a member of TQ.
  • Private servers are illegal and should not be mentioned nor inquired about on the ConquerOnline forums. Posting links and/or information related to private servers will result in the immediate banning of your forum account. (This includes posting screenshots from privates servers as well).
  • The maximum number of clients TQ allows run per computer is two. Running any more than two clients per machine is considered to be multi-clienting, and is therefore illegal. Posting screenshots and/or information regarding any form of multi-clients may result in the immediate banning of your forum account.
  • Spam, complaining, harassing, or anything of that sort will not be tolerated in the Help forums, FAQ/Bugs or Newcomer's sections. These sections are designed to aid, not hinder. Please respect the nature of these forum sections.
  • The Conquer Online Forums are meant for only discussions about the Conquer Online game expect for the Off-Topic section. Other TQ games are also accepted however keep in mind that those games have their own individual forum. All other game threads which are not TQ supported shall be moved to off topic.
  • Do not provide links to sites that support or contain pirated software, music or other downloads. TQ does not support such activities and any post or thread containing such a link will be removed and the account banned.
  • Do not create threads asking questions or help from the GM's. The GMs do not handle account issues publicly. All threads ignoring this rule will be closed or deleted. If you have a case you would like to report then file your issues here: Live Help Desk or TQ Customer Service Center
  • Threads with Light spamming and slight Off Topic posts will be tolerated, but there is a limit. Threads consisting of just “+1“; "o rly?"; or any other nonsense replies will be deleted. Polite conversations that go slightly off topic within a thread will be allowed, but if continued too long, or if flaming/insulting results the thread will closed. We want you to have fun, but we also want to keep the forums readable to new members. Do not create threads solely to increase post count, or celebrate it, they will be closed or most likely deleted.
  • Do not have extremely long signatures or location information. These inhibit the readability of the forums. A Moderator will request you shorten your signature or remove the location information if it hinders forum usage for others. Refusing to comply with the Moderator's request may result in the temporary or permanent ban of your forum account.
  • The forum has a profanity filter in place and bypassing this filter is not allowed, however light swearing such as "crap" will be tolerated to a point. (example of bypassing: if "stupid" is a filtered word, writing it as "$tupid" "stup!d" or the likes, or using broken code is bypassing.) All bypasses of the swear filter are infractable offenses, and if it continues after you have been infracted the poster will be reported for a ban. (See Warnings at the bottom of the post.) You are also NOT allowed to teach others how to bypass. Teaching others how to bypass will result in your account being banned WITHOUT warning.
  • Posting of pornographic material is prohibited and will result in your account being banned. Furthermore, any content that is unlawful or displays acts of illegal conduct is subject to be removed immediately with/without warning (Moderator's discretion) and may result in a ban. Inappropriate content may include, but not limited to, the use of drugs, illegal drugs, pornographic content, under-age drinking, mistreatment of animals or humans, unauthorized posting of copyrighted or posting of people's pictures without their approval or consent, and use of vulgar words, images or expressions. This is a 13+ forum, not an 18+ forum. Moderators will use their best judgment to make a decision on what material is deemed inappropriate. Please respect the younger members of our community.
  • No personal arguments or conversations will be tolerated. This means two people dominating a thread with personal conversations that cannot include another forum member, or arguments following the same format. This also includes threads made personally addressed to a specific poster to gain their attention or insult them. The Private Message (PM) function is provided for personal conversations, so please use it.
  • Keep the name calling and flaming to a minimum. An opinion is fine, but there is a limit.
  • Harassment or belittling others will not be tolerated. Posts and/or threads will be edited, deleted and closed if necessary. Private Messages are not mediated by the Moderators due to the inability of the Moderator to verify the authenticity of the Private Message. If you are being harassed by someone via Private Messages, you are advised to place the harasser on ignore by using your Buddy/Ignore list
  • Making fun of poor English speakers will not be tolerated. Please respect each other even if you may not be able to understand them. Insults and jeering of poor English speakers will be removed. Realize that not all forum members speak English fluently.
  • Do not use the report button to submit false reports. Users who see any of the above material, can use the “report a post” icon under each forum accounts post however it should be noted that those who file false reports will be warned for their actions on two separate incidents prior to their first red infraction and eventually banned after further infractions. (See warnings)
  • An ACCURATE English translation must be provided when posting in other languages. TQ and the Moderator staff realize that not everyone speaks English fluently and we do allow threads for posters who speak different languages to converse with each other in their native language. It also should be noted that an ACCURATE English translation must be provided as the thread is also bound to the rules of the forum. Failure to provide an accurate translation can result in your thread being deleted or closed. Also note that non-English posts in an English threads should also have a English translation provided. TQ Digital offers many of their games in other languages and countries. If you feel more comfortable speaking another language, we invite you to join any of the following: Arabic Conquer Online Arabic forum French Conquer Online French Forums Spanish Conquer Online Spanish Forums Chinese Conquer Online Chinese Forums
About the Moderators Moderators are NOT Gms and have nothing to do with ingame issues. Please address ingame issues to any of the following links: Live Help Desk & TQ Customer Service Center The Moderators will enforce the rules of the section, sometimes without warning. If a Moderator closes, edits, deletes, merges or moves a thread or post, they are not required to leave a reason why. Some Moderators will, some Moderators won't. If you have a problem with any change a Moderator made, and you wish to have a Moderator explain it to you, use the forum’s Private Messaging (PM) function. If a Moderator doesn't reply to your PM, or is unnecessarily rude or unkind, then make a thread politely asking for an explanation or PM the sections Regional Moderator. Do NOT resort to flaming and/or harassing any member of the Admin/Super/Moderator team or a member of the Conquer Online staff. The offending threads/posts may be infracted/warned, closed or reported for a ban. To find a list of the Forum's current Admins/Super/Moderator, click on the link: View Forum Leaders Format for Warnings These rules are subject to change without notice and will be updated regularly. We realize that different situations require different rules. The moderators are asked to use their best judgment if there isn't a rule listed for certain situations:
  • If you break rules, you may get a "yellow card" infraction, which is a friendly warning not to repeat said offenses (or any others for that matter).
  • If you do not listen you will get a "red card" infraction, which will give you 34 points toward your banning. At 100 points you will be banned.
  • Some very serious offenses such as posting pornography and listing private servers will give you an instant 100 points and you will be banned immediately.
We want you all to have fun and enjoy yourselves while chatting with each other, but these rules are in place for a reason. It is expected that you follow the rules and give each person the respect they deserve. If at any time you have any questions, you are welcome to PM any member of the Moderator staff.
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Newcomer's Rules Updated 2k8 (2008-08-01)

Hello and welcome to the Newcomers section of The Conquer Online forums. In this section, all players new to the game of Conquer Online are welcomed to socialize with each other and to ask questions about in game quests, character building and basic questions relative to the Conquer Online game. While I know many of you are eager to skip this thread and start posting, I encourage you to take the time to read this as it could mean the difference between having your thread closed or moved or having a large discussion amongst new friends around the forum.

Rules for the Newcomers section

The Newcomers section of the forum exists especially for helping new players with information and helping them get started in their careers of Conquer Online. With that said its expected that you adhere to the following:

Newcomers rules are the same as the ones listed here: Community Rules

There is a special emphasis on these rules in this section
  • No Spamming AT ALL!

  • No Flaming or insulting other posters, no matter the circumstances. Do not call other posters “noob” or insult them if you think they asked for or submitted useless information. In this section there are no dumb questions.

  • When answering questions, use thread links and links to the site whenever possible.

  • Keep posts in response to the topic as much as possible. Remember this section is meant to help new players still learning about the game.

  • If you need a thread stickied or added to a locked/closed thread, PM (private message) a moderator of this section.

If you have any other questions, please PM a moderator of this section. We wish the best of luck in game and hope you enjoy Conquer Online.
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Newcomers Forum Rules and FAQs *Updated 08.02.2007*


- Please read this announcement fully before creating a new thread. Many questions are answered in it.
- Thread repeats will be merged and/or closed without warning. Links to related threads given as well.
- Provide a link to a thread/site information when possible.
- Spamming and flaming will NOT be tolerated.
- Normal forum rules apply here:
- If you have any questions, please PM a moderator of this section.
- If you want something stickied or added to a sticky, PM a moderator of this section.
- Best of luck and enjoy ConquerOnline.

Frequently Asked Questions for Newcomers:

Visit the website. A great list of FAQs can be found here: This thread is for the most common questions and repeatedly asked questions here on the forums.

How do I start playing the game?

First, you have to create an account. Go here: to create your account.

Secondly, download the game:

After your download is finished, install the game and let the autopatch server run. If your Autopatch server does not work, please install the patches manually: Conquer must be fully patched up-to-date to run properly. Remember to install them in your CO folder.

Any issues with installing, patching, or connecting to the game, please visit our FAQ forum and post there:

The GM list can be found here: You may email them through the email address provided there.

How do I use Taoist spells?

Select the spell from your list of skills. Right click to use. Some spells cannot be used if the object you are using is too far away. Mana is required for all magic spells; the blue half of the circle shows your mana. Drink a MP pot to refill it so you can use your spells again.

Where do I get promoted?

In twin city, you will see a portal located at (402, 388) in Twin City between the Guild Director and WhsGuardian. Enter that portal to go to the Job Center. Each class will have their own NPC for promotion. You can also learn class specific spells at each of the Job Center NPCs.

- Warrior speaks with WarriorGod at (033, 065)

- Archer speaks with ArcherGod at (033, 053)

- Trojan speaks with TrojanGod at (044, 033)

- Taoist speaks with TaoistGod at (056, 033) – handles both classes

- TaoistStar (060, 033) allows Taoists to learn other skills, such as meditate, thunder and cure (if they were not learnt in Birth Village), fire (for free if you are a fire Taoist, thunder level 4 and level 40 character required), tornado (for free if you are a fire Taoist, fire level 3 and level 80 character required), and other skills. Note: If you are a water, you'll have to buy fire at market's Pharmacist. Again, you'll need to be level 40 and have your thunder fixed.

- MightyTao (066, 033) teaches the reborn summon skills: Summon guard at level 15 (requires 1 euxenite ore) and summon mob at level 40 (requires 1 gold ore).

Can I create more than one character per server?

Yes, you can. But you can only create one character per login ID. To create a new character, you must create a new login account: Each set of login ID/password can be used to create one character per server. If you create accounts on multiple servers with the same ID, that ID can only be logged in one time, so you cannot play them at the same time.

How can I take screenshots?

F12 on the screen if you want to screenshot. They are saved in your Program Files\Conquer 2.0\screenshot folder.

Where can I buy weapons and armor?

Each city has a Blacksmith (weapon seller) and several other cities have Armorers and Storekeepers, however, Twin City is the only place that sells body armors.

Just starting out, Pedlar (412, 361) sells level 1, 5, and 10 weapons for Taoists/melee classes, and level 1, 8, 15 bows for archers.

I’m a Taoist, where can I buy bags?

No NPC in conquer sells bags. There are several ways to find bags: buy from another player, kill monsters (every mob has a chance to drop a bag, level will vary), do quests.

Quests that offer bags for rewards:
- Rat Fang:
- Peace Jade:
- Moon Box:
- Alchemist:

Where can I find a bracelet?

The Storekeeper (721, 541) in BirdIsland sells bracelets and earrings, normal quality.

What is a fast way to level once I hit level 15?

You can do the 2nd part of Coach Li quest, to gain 8,000 exp per time: If you don’t have someone to help you level or you are just starting out on a new server, this is a very quick way to level to 30.

What good is a team?

Joining a team is a great way to level faster. When any member of the team kills a monster, all players in the team will gain experience. Depending on how the team leader has the options set, you can pick up money and items from other players as well.

For fast leveling, join a team with a high level archer. They can kill many mobs, fast, and at one time, so you will level very quickly. Unfortunately, many archers only let friends in their teams. This is called “plvling.”

The team leader, if level 70 and 20 levels or higher than the person in the team that they are plvling, can gain virtue points for leveling newbies. Virtue points can be traded in for meteors or the amount of experience of one exp ball. It requires 15k (15.000) VPs and you are only able to do that once a day.

How do I make money?

There are many ways to make money:

- Mining: Sell gold and ores to NPCs for quick cash; save ores for a house permit: and sell the house permit; sell gems to other players (price varies on servers).
- Quests:
- Hunting: Kill mobs for items/gold; sell normal items to NPCs, sell quality or +1 items, gems, mets, DBs to other players.
- Lazy solution: Buy DBs from the website: and sell to other players.

Monsters dropped a gem, what can I do with it?

Depending on what gem it is, gems can increase your leveling speed or increase the rate at which spells level. You can also sell them to other players and make great profits.

Gems come in different qualities, the lowest being normal, then refined, and then the best is super. Each quality has a different %; obviously, super gives the best increase.

Socketing a gem into a weapon (or item) is what most players who are just starting out will do, if it’s a gem that will help their class. You can socket your gems in Phoenix Castle at ArtisanCloud (242, 238). For leveling, one of the best gems you can use is a Rainbow Gem. Normal rainbow gems give 10% extra experience with each hit and each kill. Refined rainbow gems provide 15% extra experience with each hit and each kill. Super rainbow gems give 25% extra experience with each hit and each kill.

One of each normal gems (excluding tortoise) is required for the first rebirth quest:

There is also another quest, Exchange Gems for Meteors, that can change a normal gem into meteors or gold:

What is a super gem, and where can I get one?

Super gems have different prices. Prices aren't the same in every servers. They are the highest quality gems you can mine, the most rare, and usually the most demanded. Each super gem has a unique effect that can go off while using skills or attacking. For more information and a picture of each super gem effect, go here:

Super gems can be mined, bought from other players, received as a reward from first rebirth quest: or from snake island quest: as a very rare reward.

How do I remove a gem from a socket?

You can remove your gems in Phoenix Castle at ArtisanCloud (242, 238). Remember, when removing a gem, the gem will be destroyed and cannot be used again. Think twice before removing a gem.

Where can I get weapon skills? How do I use a weapon skill that I learnt?

Weapon skills can be bought in the market from the Pharmacist, found from monsters, bought from other players selling them, and some can be learnt in the Job Center (depending on your job).

There are passive skills, which means you do not have to click anything special for them to go off. As long as you have a weapon equipped that can activate the skill, it will go off randomly.

Fast blade, scent sword, and hercules (for Trojan) are the only skills that will require you to click to use. To do so, select the skill from the skill list (button at bottom right of screen that says "Skill"). Right click to use.

I got a Moon Box. What can I use it for?

A moon box is required for level 110 promotion, in which a DB is the reward of the promotion.

Moon boxes can be opened for a variety of different prizes: refined items, elite items, super items, socketed non-weapon items (such as a 1 socket ring).

Moon boxes can also be sold to fellow players. Again, price will vary on server.

I’m level 70, where can I find an emerald?

An emerald is required for level 70 promotion. They can be found from HillMonsters in the bottom right-hand corner of the Desert map. If you cannot kill them, buy one from another player.

What is the deal with marriage?

After level 20, you can go to the market or MatchMaker in Desert City and get married.

Advantages of marriage:

- Additional team experience when your spouse kills.
- Items and cash dropped from monsters can be picked up by spouse.
- Entry to each others’ house without having to join a team.
- Sharing house item boxes.

Disadvantages of marriage:

- Entry to each others’ house without having to join team.
- Sharing house item boxes, so if you get in a fight or something, they can be mean and steal the items.
- If your “love” is no longer there, getting divorced requires a meteor and meteor tear (

What is training grounds? How do I enter?

Training grounds (TG) is a place available to players to enter for a price of 1k to level while away from the computer. Experience in training grounds is nothing compared to the experience you would gain from leveling on monsters, but if you do not always have time to level, you can just go to TG.

In order to use TG, you must be level 20. Find the Boxer in one of the cities to enter. If your guild wins the current week’s guild war, entrance to TG is free.

Find your appropriate level stakes or scarecrows and attack. Magic attacks must be dealt to scarecrows, melee attacks to stakes.

TG is sectioned by levels:

Top left: 20, 30, 40, 50, 60
Top right: 25, 35, 45, 55, 65
Bottom left: 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120
Bottom right: 75, 85, 95, 105, 115, 125

As you gain higher levels, leveling both in TG and outside of TG will become more difficult.

Who are Ganoderma and Titan?

Ganoderma and Titan can drop exp potions (exp pots). Ganoderma is located in the forest map, and titan in the love canyon map. When you use an exp pot, it will give you 2x experience for 60 minutes. If you are disconnected while using an Exp Pot, the pot will NOT end.

How do I get a guard?

A guard is a skill learnt after rebirth at level 15 in the Job Center with 1 euxenite ore. To reborn, you must be level 110 for waters or level 120 for other classes. More information can be found here:

What acronyms should I become aware of?

A great list is compiled in this thread:

What is composing? How many items are needed for the next step?

Composing is making your weapon/item stronger. (+1) items can be found from monsters or bought from other players. Adding these to weapons increases your damage, and adding them to armor will increase your defense. Also, +1, +2, +3, etc stones can be bought from players at market or won from Lottery (requires 27 CPs for one trip). It will also increase your attack or defense, depending on what item you're using stones on.

You can find different links about composition here:

What is Night Devil? Where can I find it?

Night devil is a disguise that can be learnt. It has 4 levels. Night devil’s main use is for leveling quicker in TG. When using it in TG properly, you will attack and level faster than normal. You will level 3x faster (approximatly).

Night devil can drop from Wraiths in Dis City quest: If you are lucky you can find one. You can also buy NightDevils from other players if they are selling them. Prices vary, once again.

What is a faster way to level magic spells?

Moon gems help leveling magic spells. Some spells only appear to level faster if you have 100% moons or more, and in increments of 100%. For example, 100% will allow your skill to level 2x faster than normal, 200% is 3x faster, and so on.

Is it me or does phoenix, celestial, and penetration level incredibly slow?

It’s not just you, they do level slow. To level them faster, you'll need to have 100%, 200%, 300%, etc moon gems in your gear.

What is a meteor for? And a DB?

Meteors are used to upgrade the level of items, required for divorce, and required for level 100 promotion. DBs are required to upgrade the quality of items, and also required to level items past level 120.

The higher quality and level the items will be, the more it will require meteors/DBs to upgrade them. They can be upgraded in Twin City at Artisan Wind. Upgrades in twin may require fewer meteors/DBs to upgrade, but you have the chance of failing.

The Magic Artisan in the market requires more meteors/DBs to upgrade an item. But it will NEVER fail if you decide to upgrade your items at market.

Both artisans have a chance for giving sockets to items.

Also DBs can also be for Lottery. More infos about lottery can be found here:

How can I reborn?

First and second rebirth informations can be found here:

What are PK points?

PK points are acquired when killing another player who is not red-named, blue-named, or black-named. When you kill a white-named player, you will gain 10 PK points. 3 pk points if the player is in an enemy guild and 5 pk points if the player is in your enemy list. Red-named and black-named players can be killed repeatedly without gaining any PK points.

It takes 6 minutes for each PK point to go down.

What are red-named and black-named players?

- Red-named players: have 30-99 PK points
- Black-name players: have 100+ PK points

Both red and black-names can drop items that are equipped when killed.

What is a squama?

Squamas are little yellow dots that give rewards: You can find them in many places. The reward will vary between 1k and a DB.

Each squama can only give one reward per day, so if someone got it before you, it will disappear. However, if you are on the same screen as someone getting a squama, it will still appear to be there, but will not reward a prize if you click on it. Leave the screen and return, the squama will be gone.

What is AZ? How can I get there?

AZ is adventure zone and contains magic attack monsters. The mobs there only drop quality items, gems, mets, DBs, or gold bars. Normal items are not dropped in AZ.

AZ is a great place for archers and Taoists to level, since they have excellent magic defense.

To get to AZ, most servers have a Guild Conductor leading there. The number of the Conductor will vary, depending on which one was placed there by the guild war winner.

There is also a very, very long way to jump there. Adventure maps can be found here:

Why do monsters have different color names?

Each set of monsters are a different level:

- Green-named: these monsters are lower than your level and will deal minimal damage to you.
- White-name: these monsters are your level and it is where you should be leveling; if your level ends with a 0, 1, 5, 6 and mobs are white-named for you, you will deal double damage to them while leveling.
- Red-named: these monsters are slightly higher level than you; you stand a chance killing them if you have decent armor and will gain decent experience.
- Black-named: these monsters are more than 4 levels higher than you, depending on where you are and your level, many of these will 1-hit kill you; if you have good magic defense and are in a magic attack mob area, these monsters will deal damage to you, but you stand a chance of killing them without being killed.

Helpful Maps, Lab Maps, NPC locations, and more:

All in One of tips, hints, Guides and Calculators:
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Private servers are illegal and should not be mentioned nor inquired about on the ConquerOnline forums.
- Posting links and/or information related to private servers will result in the immediate banning of your forum account.
- Posting screenshots from private servers will also result in the immediate banning of your forum account.
File editing is illegal on ConquerOnline.
- Providing or inquiring information regarding how to do so, will result in the immediate banning of your forum account.
- Posting screenshots of file edits may result in the banning of your forum account.
Bug exploitation is illegal on ConquerOnline.
- Providing or inquiring about bug exploits, hacks, cheats, and/or bots will result in the immediate banning of your forum account.
- Posting links and/or screenshots of any of the above will result in the immediate banning of your forum account and in-game actions may be taken.

Regarding Number of Clients per Machine
- The maximum number of clients to be run at one time is three. Running any more than three clients is considered to be multi-clienting, and is therefore illegal.
- Posting screenshots and/or information regarding any form of multi-clienting may result in the immediate banning of your forum account.

**Please note: Banning for any of the above violations may occur with or without a warning**
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